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Monday, October 4, 2010

Working Toward my Rule of 18-0

I find myself continuing to enjoy the relative safety of an Aether Storm Ship, earning my way as an active crew member of varied responsibilities (as usual, more to follow on this) while still able to find the time to continue my experiments on 19 and offshoots of 18; not to be silly but a a time traveler can always find the time for any interest, can she not?  Of course there have been some recent attempts on my life by various Consortium Travelers that I have crossed paths with but these stories, too, will wait until I have ordered my thoughts in order to scribe them.  For now I focus on steps toward my intended rule of 18-0.

I have been quite active in making changes to my chosen timeline which have significantly improved the lives of those there but thus far all have been made in secrecy.  As you will recall my first attempt to announce the changes I have made and that I am your rightful Empress of 18-0 (as allowed by the Emperor of all universes, many thanks to you Sir!) ended in a  rather embarrassing stay in a mental health hospital and then the necessary destruction of the timeline following that announcement.

I have, however, left the changes I had enacted in place so the Kennedy brothers are still dead.

The swine flu still replaced what the people of 19-20 thru 19-61 called their Zombie Apocalypse. Their use of the word "zombie" was not precise but the outcome before my corrections was the same as you might imagine. I was able to devise an inoculation that when applied to the pigs that were the breeding ground for the zombie type disease prevented it from spreading, however due to minute genetic differences it caused a virulent flue in 18-0.

N. Tesla's inventions and notes remain withheld, sadly, from a world that would only have destroyed itself in many varied ways if they had access to them.  For example, imagine a world where I allowed the knowledge enabling the teleportation of small non living objects with great accuracy to be known:  terrorism, warfare, and murder became far more difficult to protect oneself from and far to easy to carry out.  Thus, I will continue to hold and hide his notes and release them slowly and with great control once my total rule of 18-0 is undisputed.  I do this merely to protect my people from themselves and each other.

Other changes I made were drastic enough that I cannot begin to explore them to you because they relate to people, technology, and events that have never existed in the timeline you considered to be "real life".  I only ask that you trust me when I say these changes were for the very best.  I am sometimes asked why I don't correct some of history's most horrific errors; I certainly wish I could but very important events to follow sometimes hinge on terrible occurrences of the past.

Having made these changes but being unable to convince the people of 18-0 that I am their rightful and best ruler and keeping in mind that being granted my timeline of choice by both the Queen and Emperor themselves means nothing to those who do not even realize that they live within their realm, I am forced to conclude that the Consortium's rule by manufactured religion and puppet political rule by that religion may be the simplest model for me to establish my intended dynasty.  I must, therefor contemplate all that I know and suspect of the Consortium's history and methods of establishing their shadow rule and then weed out the bits that would prevent me from eventually allowing me to rule in the clear light of day.

My Disrupter seems about to overheat.  When it cools I will write more about the Religio-Political rule of Prime and perhaps some of my intentions for mimicking the best of their accomplishment.

Empress of 18-0, yet unknown to my people
Anne Thrope

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