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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To Ground! (and nearly not back)

The date, I would later find out, was April 1, 2oo1.  As usual I was first to ground before the airship I was serving as crew on would land; I was ordered to learn the date and which "universe," according to my captain, or "timeline" as one would correctly call it, we were landing in.

The drop was flawless and I hit the ground running, dressed in black for the night, but also somewhat provocatively, as in many timelines one or the other can keep you out of a good deal of trouble.  It was a small town I found myself in, a city but barely.  It was a college town and I found myself landing in the middle of an abandoned sporting field.  There were no news stands, no johns on the look, and no one nearby to strike up a conversation with so I had no idea when I was, only that I was back "home" in 18 per my Differentiator that I still keep despite the risk of carrying Consortium tech and obviously without anyone's knowledge.

There were noises coming from several directions.  In one direction I heard what I had come to recognize as traffic.  In another and yet a third the sounds of tavern or party buzzed into the night.  I followed the sound of revelry and found myself at a tavern.  Hiding in the shadows I disposed of my hat and petticoat behind a bush, leaving myself looking a little old fashioned but in an approachable and attractive way; it was a look I had perfected after many hours in the mirror and many landings in this particular decade.

I walked into the tavern comfortably.  I had been there several times before in several years but not enough to be recognized even with my unique attire.  I leaned against the end of the bar and eyed the crowd.  "Can I get you something?"  the bartender asked me.  "No, thank you sir, I'm waiting for someone."

He looked at me a little oddly and walked off.  Five minutes later he was back.  "Are you ready to close your tab?" he asked in all seriousness.  "Excuse me?" I questioned in all confusion.  "You.  Uh, well you've run up a tab of 50 bucks! "  Indignant I replied "I have NOT!"  But as I spoke I saw... oh good God I saw a me that I did not expect to run into, and not one that I'd allowed to live after an experiment.  "FUCK!  What day is it?"

"You are not getting out of this by calling April Fools," he advised as he picked up the speaking piece of the telephone and pressed a single key, which I assumed was to the police.  So I did what any self respecting lady who travels time and timelines... I shot my other me with a standard pistol and ran like hell.

By the time I was a block away there were sirens and fast moving cars converging on me.  I really thought I'd had it and was running, jumping, hiding my way through the night.  When I finally made it back to the sporting field, the ship was hovering.  My Captain and another friend who is often ground party were leaning over the edge throwing me a rope ladder.  "Yah, thanks guys... April Fools to you too!," as I climbed the rope.  I hugged my friend, glared at my Captain and went to my science lab.

And what do you think I found in my lab?  Four more Miss Anne Thropes all of whom thought they were the real one.  One problem with time travel is that during one thirty minute nap my friends grabbed me's from five other timelines and were prepared to throw them at me all night!  I don't even know where they got the idea to bring me to an April 1.  To be honest, if I'd been involved in the same prank on someone else I would have found it hilarious.  As it was Bang, Zap, Snap, Boom  the other four Annes were removed and I went to sleep pondering if I should stay a crew member of such a "fun loving" air ship.

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