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Sunday, June 19, 2011

It has been a very long time!

It has been a very long time since I have updated this digital journal.  Much has happened so I'll be brief as not to bore you.

The last time I wrote I left off with what is called a cliff-hanger.  I was stuck on a bridge platform between two paddle wheels of an air ship, naked and weaponless.  At this time I'm no longer a crew member of said ship but how that happened, and how I escaped the dilemma is rather interesting.

I actually got the nerve to hope aboard one of the ships wheel paddles as it sped by me.  Holding on for my life I knew I only had one chance to jump onto the main deck or I'd be thrown down to the earth below me. With  crossed fingers and a wish I leaped to the deck slightly too late, causing me to roll ass over tea kettle and still very naked between my then Captain and my false self.  A bit of quick knee punching and throat grabbing, and yes I'm sorry to say hair pulling, and I had the Consortium's me lying prone on the deck!  A slew of swears falling from my list was all it took for the captain to be sure I was the real me and he eliminated  the false with a few shots from a lighting pistol.

I helped myself quickly to my clothes that False Anne had stolen from me and thanked my captain heartily.  False Anne became fuel for the boiler room and all was well.

I was, however, still pretty angry about the April Fools incident and finally parted ways with that particular ship.  I am now a member of the American Airship of Awesomeness Aurora but before I landed there so very much happened.  I'm too tired from our bout with cowboys and outlaws to type any more but in my next entries I will tell you some of what happened to lead me to this fine new ship.

And don't worry, I still plan on taking over the universe.

Your Future Empress
Miss Anne Thrope

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