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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Greeting to 18 and thanks to my friend

Hello to you in Universe 18!  I have introduced myself fully in other sections of this internet journal so within the next few days I will be jumping right in with my experiences in my times future which is both your time's past and future.  I would like to thank a special friend, who has asked me not to name her beyond her first name of Jocelyn, for giving me this writing and computing device (though I'm not sure how to preform any computations on it, I'll have to find that out) and allowing me access to what she called her "internet access" through her "wi-fi".  Strange and interesting terms for the more unusual technology of your year 2010, but your universe differs greatly from others I have visited and created so there are many interesting and exciting things for me to discover and record!  I believe you call the phenomenon of the branches in time the Multiverse.  Because I am operating this communication through a minute crack in time created by my Vibration Disrupter, 24 hours for me is 24 hours for you so don't expect five years worth of memories and advise to appear in the next five minutes!  I'll try to explain more about the creation and destruction of alternate universes as I go along, since your time and place seem very interested in what you consider to be the paradoxes involved (don't worry, my grandfather is just fine!).

I will close for now as my Disrupter is becoming alarmingly warm from extended usage.  Perhaps more tomorrow or later in the week.

Humbly offering my knowledge to perfect your world, I am
Miss A. Thrope

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